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26-27 May 2023

SlavConf Decipher is the 7th consecutive conference of the SlavConf event series. 

SlavConf is an international event which explores career opportunities worldwide, showcases imagination and archives the development of pop culture, technology and creativity. The conference has been a mediator for creatives since 2017, founded in Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” where it started as a student project and turned into the career forum of the Faculty of Slavic Studies. Nowadays, the event is entirely in English and virtual, partnering with global organisations, communities, universities, schools and more. The aim of the community is to function as a global gathering featuring some of the most forward-thinking innovators in the various fields of the creative industry.

Futurist Expo is an event about future and human progress, which brings together international participants and audiences with the aim to showcase ideas, products and services beneficial for the future of society. Reflecting on sustainability and positive impact, the expo will portray a futurist image of the world. The agenda will include presentations by individuals, startups, small businesses and enterprises who want to showcase their products/services, recruit for their teams, establish meaningful connections through virtual networking and share their vision of contemporary matters such as business ethics, work environment, international markets, technology, environmental issues and more.

Marketplace is a community and event platform conceived with the idea to connect people worldwide. Registration for attendees is free and easy. The platform notifies members about upcoming events and updates via email. 

The features of the platform include streaming, instant live messaging, branded virtual spaces, networking groups and gamification. 

Our aim is to offer a unique virtual experience allowing community members from around the globe to easily attend built-in virtual events, communicate with each other through direct messages and visit virtual spaces on various topics.

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