4 AUGUST 2024

Event created for event creators

For centuries events have occurred to gather people encouraging them to expand their social horizons, contemplate the future, share knowledge, develop valuable ideas and tools of great importance to humanity. Some of the key moments in history have been created or presented to the public at social gatherings. Throughout history, events have been planned and developed by figures who are keen on uniting communities, solving problems, creating impact, archiving achievements and envisioning a better world. With the fast progress of technological resources, the event industry has expanded and has gained countless possibilities, allowing proactive individuals to reach opportunities beyond their local community.

Event Industry Dialogue is a celebration of those leaders who have dedicated themselves to uniting people with a common purpose giving them an environment to grow. We want to give all those people – the best in the industry, the occasion to meet, to celebrate their achievements together and to exchange ideas on the future of the event industry worldwide. The aim of the discussions which will be held is to accelerate the impact and efficiency of global events encouraging us all to be better tomorrow.

Event Industry Dialogue will be held at “closed doors” and access will be provided to invited participants only. However, information on what has been discussed and envisioned will be available after the event.